Children and the 2020 Census | STAGING Compendium
Stacey Mulligan

Stacey Mulligan

Young children (ages 0-5) are considered “hard-to-count” because the Census Bureau finds them challenging to interview, locate or contact! Cultural and linguistic barriers only compound this issue.  Libraries across the United States are responding in innovative ways.

In Phoenix, Arizona, Community Partners teamed up to form an innovative family education program titled “My First Census.”  “My First Census” is an extension of the iCount 2020 campaign and events are centered on free and fun-filled activities, such as “Picture Day” where families can share their child’s photo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag: #MyFirstCensus.

Other libraries are holding “Number” scavenger hunts, “bean-counting” activities,  story times with Counting themes, incorporating public service announcements about the Census into programming, or placing posters and easels around the library promoting the importance of being counted.  Perhaps you could organize a similar event for your library in Pennsylvania!

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