Communication in the Workplace | STAGING Compendium

Marshmallow tower
submitted by June Houghtaling,
District Consultant, North Central Library District

Are you daring, direct, innovative, blunt, decisive, strong-willed, bold, results oriented? You may be a “High D.” If you are popular, gregarious, influential, open-minded, chances are you are a “High I.” How about passive, possessive, amiable, steady, predictable, understanding, mild, friendly? You’re a “High S.” And if you are a perfectionist, courteous, mature, accurate, conscientious, precise, you’re a “High C.”

DiSC is the universal language of observable human behavior. Scientific research has proven that people, in terms of “how they act,” universally have similar characteristics. By learning these characteristics, we can improve communication and our understanding of each other. Each of these characteristics brings value to the workplace. Understanding that value, the ideal work environment for each particular style, and how to work with each style improves communication with your boss, your spouse, your board, your staff, everyone. Good communication skills are essential to leadership.

Dr. Darrin Kass, faculty member in the Management Department in the College of Business at Bloomsburg University, presents on a variety of leadership topics including Communication in the Workplace, as a part of Bloomsburg University’s Leadership and Executive Education Program (LEEP).  Library directors and staff of member libraries in the North Central Library District and surrounding districts learned how to effectively communicate using the principles of supportive communication on June 10 and on August 19, 2016, at the James V Brown Library in Williamsport.

So what were we doing with spaghetti and marshmallows? Building the tallest possible marshmallow spaghetti tower ever! And while we were at it, we learned our own personality characteristics and how those characteristics contribute to the project. Do you jump right in? Do you sit back and let others take the lead? Do you support the structure? It was an enlightening way to show the value of each team member.

Our multi district workshop provided us with the right tools to communicate more effectively with staff, coworkers, and supervisors, an essential topic in today’s workplace. The workshop was participatory and Dr. Kass is a knowledgeable and engaging presenter. The district plans to offer more workshops through LEEP.