Those kids are hungry…Prepare to Feed them! 
The Summer Food Service Program is FREE!  This USDA program provides lunches and/or snacks for the children at your library and is administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  Find out more on the Summer Food Service Program website and contact them now to make plans for next summer!

summer food program 2

Hunger is a severe roadblock to the learning process. Lack of nutrition during the summer months may set up a cycle of poor performance once school begins. Explore the benefits of adding the SFSP to existing summer programs held at your library so children who reside in your area can return to school in the fall ready to learn.

Fewer children were fed at libraries this year than past years.  Let’s get those numbers up!

:  although new USDA regulations have been put in place, which created time constraints, the State is asking for a waiver!

Join those libraries that are decreasing the number of children who suffer from hunger.

Become a site or a sponsor! Become a site and the food is delivered!  You keep a count of number of meals served.  Become a sponsor and make or order the food yourself!

What’s holding you back?  Talk to the Summer Food Service Program staff for ideas to help you help the children!

If half of the kids in your school district qualify for free or reduced lunches, then ALL the kids who attend your program can have the free lunch at the library! And, you don’t have to offer the lunch or snack every day–but why not?

Advertising the meals with your program may even increase your attendance! Interested? Questions? Contact the Summer Food Service Program staff at the Pennsylvania Department of Education– email or call 800.331.0129.  More information is available on their website.

Those kids are hungry…Feed them!!