We Know You are Busy So….. | STAGING Compendium

We know you are busy, so that’s why WebJunction provides free, on-demand courses and webinar archives on dozens of subjects.  The learning place for libraries, WebJunction’s emphasis is on offering high-quality continuing education and professional development.

If you prefer to ask questions and participate in your learning, then make sure to sign up for one of their live, twice monthly webinars. Upcoming webinars include Supervisor Success: Development Programs (a three-hour symposium) on March 31, and April brings webinars on incubating creativity and building a STEM learning community.

Remember, if you can’t make it, WebJunction archives each webinar in their catalog for viewing when you are ready! Each month WebJunction highlight s even more learning opportunities made available by other organizations.

WebJunction.org is also chock-full of programming ideas; recent additions include how to hold a friend speed-dating program and how to nourish strong partnerships to foster health education.

Make time for lifelong learning at WebJunction, your go-to connection to continuing education!

and don’t forget Skillsoft!