Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7  in January 2020. Staying on Windows 7 will possibly expose your computers to  extra security risks.   This CNET article has more reasons to upgrade to Windows 10.

If your Windows 7 computers are more than four years old, the best way to upgrade to Windows 10 is to buy new computers; however, if a new Windows 10 computer is out of reach, consider:

  • Exploring one of the State’s cooperative purchasing programs, such as COSTARS, or PEPPM.
  • Getting Windows 10 for free: legal but hidden. Although it’s hidden away, you can still get Windows 10 for free, legally. To see how, visit the ZDnet article “Here’s how you can still get a free windows 10 upgrade.” (If you have Deep Freeze or RX Reboot/Restore, remember to thaw before your install.)

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note:  be careful with emails offering Windows updates.  Read this.